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Frustrated with rising electricity bills?

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What is OHM?

OHM Energy is one of the retailers under the Open Electricity Market. So what is Open Electricity Market?

The Open Energy Market allows household consumers to have more choices (in terms of retailers) and customizing their plans (in terms of plan type) when purchasing electricity.

The household consumers can now enjoy low, competitive and innovative offers from retailers out there!

Why did i choose OHM?

Low and competitive price!

As compared to other retailers and SP Group, I am able to purchase my electricity at 17.49Β’/KWH (at this point of writing), whereas the SP Group is selling the electricity at 19.60Β’/KWH (at this point of writing). You can go to OHM price plan website [click here] to find out more on their price plan using their built in calculator, just input your typical consumption!

SP Group Partnership

OHM has partnered with SP Group so that I am able to get the same old SP billing, customer service and not forgetting the same energy supply that I was getting before.

How to lower your electricity bills? I will list down my top four tips!

Number 1: Aircon

The Aircon is main contributor to your expensive bills! So, I suggest you switch to fans whenever possible. But if you are someone that cannot live without aircon, here are some suggestions you may want to adopt:

  • Set the temp to 25 degree celsius
  • Open your aircon and clean your filter every month, if you do not know how to do so, time to read up the manuals.
  • Service your aircon every quarter, so that your aircon can perform at its optimal efficiency.
  • Switch to inverter aircon, remember, more ticks on the label, more energy efficient.
  • Set auto timer so that it auto switch off aircon 2 hours before you wake up, likely your room will still remain cold during this two hours.

Number 2: Water Heater

Only switch on the water heater when you are about to shower and remember to switch it off when you are done. Water heater consumes significantly high power!

Number 3: Switch to LED Lighting

The LEDs offer significant energy savings (~50-80%) over normal lighting. So swing by your nearest lighting shop and replace your LED lighting!

Number 4: Follow me and switch to OHM today!

Copy the below code to give you a $20 cash back credit bonus to offset your electricity bills if you are a new Ohm customer.